A Talk about A Perfect Circle’s TalkTalk

A Perfect Circle – the very climatic alternative rock group – has returned from their 14 year hiatus and has premiered their music video today – May 24, 2018 – for their song “TalkTalk,” off of their much anticipated new album “Eat the Elephant,” which they recently promoted on Jimmy Kimmel Live and are now implementing on their current tour in the UK. While the album itself is a take on the current state of human kind and all of its societal differences, indifference’s and mentally and socially congested state, the song and newly premiered music video for “TalkTalk,” takes a more specific shot at religious interference . . .

Aftershock Creating Demographic Shockwaves

Aftershock’s 2018 lineup has recently sent shock waves down to Southern California where our demographics are slowly but surely becoming more present at the festival.